Polished Mixes

BGC Concrete's standard range of exposed and polished concrete mixes are photographed to provide an indication of the colours available. Variations can occur in shade as a result of print quality. Although we take all care and attention, we do not guarantee colour consistency throughout a particular project. Colour variations can be caused by many factors which are beyond our control, including the amount of water added on site, times and techniques of finishing, the period between pours, the age of the concrete, the curing environment and the source of raw materials. Some quartz mixes may produce a stain around particular rocks. This should be discussed with your installer or BGC Concrete sales representative.

Please ensure your BGC Architectural Range concrete is installed by a suitably qualified contractor. BGC Concrete does not accept responsibility for the surface texture or finish achieved by installers. Ensure that loads are ordered in a timely manner and the construction joint layout accommodates the pour/load size requirement.

When ordering you need to quote the mix code and any coloured oxide if required as this allows BGC Concrete to identify the required mix.

BGC Concrete endorses safe environmental practice. If washing concrete please ensure any slurry is contained and disposed of thoughtfully. Washed water should not be allowed to enter the drainage system or water course.

Exposed and polished mixes available featuring aggregate from around the state.