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How Much Concrete Do I Need?

Select the volume type you want to calculate from the five options below.

Enter the length (m), width (m) and depth (mm) of the slabs.

Total Volume of Slab Concrete (m3)

Enter the overall lengths (m) of the footings, and their width (mm) and depth (mm).

Total Volume of Footing Concrete (m3)

Enter the height (m), diameter (mm) and number of columns.

Total Volume of Column Concrete (m3)

Enter the step width (m), riser height (mm), step depth (mm) and number of steps. Click for help

Total Volume of Step Concrete (m3)
Already know how much concrete you need?

Enter the amount (in cubic metres) below. You can then calculate the cost.

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How Much Will It Cost?

Now choose your concrete type, enter the delivery address below and click 'Estimate Cost' to calculate the total estimated cost delivered to the site.

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Let us help you with your order

The following information will be required when you place your order. Having this information ready will make the process run smoothly.

  • The full name and telephone number for the site contact.
  • Whether you have an account or require a COD delivery. If you have an account with BGC CONCRETE, the account name and details will need to be provided, including your purchase order number.
  • COD customers are required to provide credit card details prior to delivery.
  • An accurate address with street or lot number must be given, including helpful information that will help drivers find the job easier, like closest cross street, or an identifying landmark or shop.
  • The mix and strength required or any details that may have been quoted to you. This includes colours or additives such as water proof agents, shrinkage reducers etc. If you are unsure please contact one of our sales team for assistance, before ringing the plant. We supply what has been ordered and request that this information is clear to the order taker.
  • How much concrete do I need and how long between loads. We have provided a volume calculator for your convenience. Small loads incur extra surcharges so it is always best to get your quantities right to avoid extra expense and delays in service.
  • Is there any specific site/truck requirements for the job.
  • Orders should be confirmed one day prior to delivery.
  • Please ensure that the order taker repeats your order to your satisfaction, to avoid misunderstandings.